How does the Car Club work?

TrydaNi provides support and connects residents to their local community organisations, who run and manage their own electric vehicle car clubs.

Each Car Club handles their own membership and looks after the cars available by using TrydaNi’s Community Car Club Booking System App. All cars come installed with sophisticated and modern hardware that monitor usage to ensure only those who have booked and paid for the cars, have access – there’s no worrying about losing keys to the cars! These Car Clubs help to tackle the cost of living. They allow forward-thinking drivers to have access to vehicles when needed, providing an opportunity to drive a private car without the responsibility and financial burden of owning one.

How much does it cost?

There is a £3 a month membership fee to join. Booking a car costs £3.00 per hour with a cap of £42 per day (24 hours), and a fixed booking fee of £2.50.

You’re booking a car for 2 hours and plan to drive 40 miles, this would cost:

£3.00 x 2 hours = £6.00

Plus a fixed booking fee of £2.50 makes the grand total £8.50.

You’re booking a car for 25 hours and plan to drive 100 miles, this would cost:

£42.00 x 1 day = £42.00

£3.00 x 1 hour = £3.00

Plus a fixed booking fee of £2.50 makes the grand total £47.50.

All cars will be available with at least 80% charge, and members are in charge of returning cars back to community hubs with at least 80% charge. Car charging is managed independently by our members and this is not included in the price.

Who is delivering these Car Clubs?

Awel Aman Tawe – Amman Car Club (SA18 1NB)

Ynni Sir Gâr – Dinefwr Car Club (SA20 0AW)

TripTo – Llandod Car Club (LD1 5DY)

Kilgetty Community Centre – Kilgetty Car Club (SA68 0YA)

How do I join and use the Car Club?

Step one

Fill out an Interest or Application form.

Use the Interest Form if you’d like to speak more with a local Coordinator first.

Use the Application Form if you’re ready to join!

We’ll carry out the necessary security and identity checks that satisfy our community car insurance terms and conditions.

Step two

Once you’re approved, log in to your account as a member, and you’ll receive an email from us to create your password.

Download the TrydaNi Car Club Booking App.

Apple | Android

Step three

Log in to your account, add your payment method and select your credits bundle. Then book a car on the day(s) you need it for.

Pick up the car from the designated hub, and enjoy!

What if I’ve never driven an electric vehicle before?

Worry not, help is at hand.

Ask any of our local car club coordinators for help on how to charge the cars and where the local charge points are.

There isn’t a Car Club in my area and I’m interested in starting one.

If you have at least 15 people in your area who are interested, then we can help you start your own Car Club.