TrydaNi receives substantial funding boost from Welsh Government

We’re very pleased to announce that Trydani and our network of electric car clubs has received a substantial boost with some significant Welsh Government funding, as announced in their recent press release. As a non-profit Community Benefit Society, we are really pleased to be part of a pioneering approach to transport from the Welsh Government that puts services in the hands of its users. We’re really grateful to Lee Waters for putting his faith in the fledgling Welsh community car club sector.

The announcement comes at the same time as we begin the process of formally merging the existing TripTo Mid-Wales network of car clubs into Trydani. The funding will help us to continue expanding our network of clubs so that more communities in rural Wales can benefit from the convenience and carbon reduction potential of hosting a car club. We’ll be working closely with our finance partner, Robert Owen Community Banking, who will use part of the grant to set up a low carbon transport fund that will enable us to continue leasing vehicles in a way that keeps things affordable for our community of users.

As we celebrate this milestone for Trydani, we’d like to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly and often on a completely voluntary basis, including everyone involved in TripTo, Trydani and Charge Up Wales (the Lottery-funded Community Energy Wales project that Trydani is partnering with to develop a number of existing clubs). We now have a lot more hard work ahead of us and a responsibility to make a success of the project to serve communities across Wales.

We look forward to posting further updates soon as we continue to build momentum.

TrydaNi benefits from European cooperation

The Green Valleys CIC is a partner on the EU Interreg North-West Europe ECCO project that aims to further develop citizen and community energy across the region.

Our project partner Lochem Energie in the Netherlands has been instrumental in developing the local EV network including charge points, car clubs and various financial incentives to grow EV car use.

The Netherlands is second only to Norway in EV ownership per capita with almost 15% of new cars in 2019 being electric. This ownership uptake is undoubtedly linked to the Netherlands having the highest number of EV charge points per capita. A recent trip to the Netherlands showed just how far Wales lags behind, with multiple EV charge points being readily available at a number of public sites.

Participation in the ECCO project enables TrydaNi to tap into the advice, support and experience of the partners. Representatives of Lochem Energie have visited Wales and provided direct input into the collective ideas from the community energy sector. Lochem Energie are also on hand to advise us on the development of TrydaNi and have experienced the development of the Dutch EV charge network first hand. Understanding who will use a charge point, at which location and for how long is essential to the effective development of an EV charge network. TrydaNi can learn from the experiences in the Netherlands to help us to roll out the network in Wales.

Written by Gareth Ellis, Director of The Green Valleys CIC, for TrydaNi Chargeplace Wales Ltd.

Potential sites for EV Chargepoints in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire Energy are looking for potential hosts for EV chargepoints in Carmarthenshire.

Carmarthenshire Energy will cover supply and installation costs, and all running costs other than supply of electricity. The host benefits by bringing in extra custom from electric vehicle users looking to use facilities whilst charging. Ideally the host will be looking to increase their footfall and be located in close proximity to trunk roads or other areas with high EV demand.

For more information please email