Car Sharing made easy for everyone

Car Sharing
made easy
for everyone.

We aim to have 100 community electric vehicles in Wales for members to share, by 2025.

Join us on our journey to create an affordable and accessible community EV sharing network serving all of Wales, owned in Wales.


For the whole of Wales

We’re creating a community network of affordable, reliable, easy-to-book electric vehicles,¬†covering all of Wales.


Locally owned, nationally managed

With TrydaNi‘s support, local organisations can create and run their own electric vehicle car clubs, for local benefit and long-term income streams.


Powered by renewable energy

Where possible, TrydaNi will use community-owned renewable energy systems, to supply all shared community electric vehicle with green, clean and local energy.

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Follow our journey into creating a community network of shareable electric vehicles for Wales.

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