Electric Vehicle Charging for Wales

Electric Vehicle Charging
for Wales

Join us on our drive to create an EV charging network serving all of Wales, owned in Wales.

We want to see communities across our nation benefiting from the wide-spread use of clean, low-cost transport and greater self-reliance, in the way we power that transport.


For the whole of Wales

TrydaNi-ChargePlace Wales is a new organisation that aims to decarbonise transport by offering a Wales-wide network of affordable, reliable, easy-to-use electric vehicle charging points in public places, workplaces and popular destinations, installed and maintained by local companies – the TrydaNi network.


Locally owned, nationally managed

The TrydaNi network will be open for local organisations and public bodies to invest in developing their own charging infrastructure for local benefit and long-term income streams, with advantageous access to a shared operational support service.


Powered by renewable energy

Our community energy organisation members hold assets that generate giga watts of renewable power in Wales every year. Our aim is for the all the power we supply to your low-carbon vehicle to be green, clean and local.

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Follow our journey into creating a community-owned EV charging network for Wales.

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